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Annual Welcome Email

Meeting:  The first RCW Pickleball Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 4th from 12:30 - 2:30 pm in the Rec Hall/Auditorium.  See the attached flier.  FYI:  We will be represented at Meet The Clubs Night on Saturday, January 14 th in the Auditorium -- new and old members may sign up for the 2023 season during the event.


Sign up for Club Membership:  You may register for a 2023 season club membership at our first meeting in the Auditorium; at Meet The Clubs Night in the Auditorium; or at the North or South Courts most mornings before 10:00 am.  The procedure to register is to pick up a Registration Envelope at the courts from Jim Martinetto, Jane Ayers, or Roger Harvey.  Fill out the contact information on the front of the envelope; place your check or cash dues inside the envelope; and return the envelope to Jim, Jane, or Roger at the courts.  This year's dues for RCW residents are $15 and for non-residents are $25 for the year.  Residents may sign up for a one-month membership for $10.  Cash or check; no credit cards.  We are not accepting new non-resident members this season; only prior year, non-resident members may join the club.  The restriction on non-residents is because of the large number of resident players and the limited number of courts.


Shirts:  Newly designed T-Shirts (short and long sleeves; women's and men's) will be available if we have at least 30 people who sign-up for a shirt. Please REPLY to this email with an "expression of interest" in buying a shirt.  If we receive 30 or more positive responses, we will email you the link for buying the shirts; otherwise, shirts will not be available this year.  If we sell T-Shirts this year, you pay for them when you order them online and not at the courts.  This will be your only chance to buy this year's RCW Pickleball Club T-Shirt ... you snooze, you lose.

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