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Picked Pickleball Videos (PPV) is a select collection of pickleball videos from YouTube, Pickleball Central, and other pickleball sites on the web. Hundreds of pickleball videos were screened in order to “pick” those videos that are purely instructional or tutorial. You will find no videos of regional or national matches; these videos are not published for purely instructional purposes so they were excluded from PPV.


The videos in PPV are targeted to new players wishing to learn the basics of the game; intermediate players wishing to improve their skills; and advanced players wishing to learn the strategies of the game. The videos are numbered in sequence with lower-numbered videos for beginners and higher numbers for intermediate and advanced players. A table of video contents appears below.


PPV may be found as a channel on Vimeo. Vimeo is a website similar to YouTube – it allows users to make channels or albums of videos available to interest groups, such as pickleball clubs and pickleball players. Here is the link to PPV:


To view PPV, simply click on the link if you are reading this document online or as a PDF document. If you are reading this document on paper, type “” (without quotes) into the address line of your computer or device’s browser. The link will take you to PPV’s multiple pages of pickleball videos. Here is PPV’s Channel’s TOC:


Beginning Players


00_What is Pickleball

01_Basic Pickleball Rules

02_Pickleball Scoring Made Easy

03_Basic Dink – Consistency


Intermediate Players


04_Pickleball Rethink the Dink, Deb Harrison

05_Moving, Footwork, and More Split Steps

06_Groundstrokes With Sarah Ansboury

07_Basic Third Shot Drop -- Building A Solid Foundation

08_Three Tips For Overhead Smashing

09_Pickleball 3rd Shot Drop Defense from Odd Court, Deb Harrison

10_Blocking 2 ways

11_Pickleball Slice

12_Drop Shot Hack

13_Defend Against Hard Hitters by Taking Pace off the Ball - Pickleball 411

14_Pickleball Mastering the Backhand, Deb Harrison

15_Improve Your Third Shot Drop with Wes Gabrielsen

16_Three Secrets to Improve Your Dinking Strategy with Steve Dawson

17_Avoid the Dreaded Pickleball Pop-Up


Advanced Players


20_Doubles Pickleball - The Basic Overall Strategy

21_Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101-How to Play Smart Pickleball

22_Doubles Pickleball Strategy 201 - Dinking Strategy

23_Pickleball Strategy 301 - Six Rules of the Fast Game

30_Pickleball Drill with Sarah Ansboury & Stephanie Lane

31_Pickleball Drills to Run Down the Lob, Deb Harrison

50_The Origins of Pickleball How It All Began




PPV was prepared from publically available and non-copywritten videos. If you have comments or suggestions (additions or deletions), please contract Roger Harvey:

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