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Year-End Newsletter 2024

Dear RCW Pickleball Club Member:


We wish you a happy and safe time away from RCW. 


As your newly elected Board, we want to share some of what the Board of Directors will be working on this summer. 

We are structuring our programs to bring value to ALL LEVELS of players…from Advanced Power players to Newbies to Intermediate Players.  We want everyone to benefit from membership in the RCW Pickleball Club (RCWPC). 

RCWPC Board’s Top Priorities for 2024/’25


Have fun on the pickleball courts!

  1. Having fun has lots of sub-elements.  Elements include safety, good equipment and courts, courteous players, plenty of court time, growing skill levels, social play, competitive play, welcoming new members, good fitness and nutrition…and the list goes on.  The board is tracking over 15 projects.  Here are the top 5 projects we will be focused on in ‘24/’25:

    1. Increasing communications to the members of the club.  We are putting a plan together for scheduled updates to members, court times in the Campers App, stories about the RCWPC in the West Villager park magazine, increased courtside information and more social media presence inside the park and in the active recreational RV world. 

    2. Reduced Congestion on the Courts. As the club grows (over 200 members this year) we will review how we manage the most congested court times. Look for new ideas and reaffirmation of some existing policies in ‘24/’25.

    3. Is there an intuitive app for pickleball clubs? We know there are multiple apps for pickleball clubs.  What we don’t know is if they will work the way we like to work.  We will study and interview clubs across the country to find the best apps.  If we find an app and process that meets our needs (including those who don’t really like technology) we will bring it to the club for a test in ‘24/’25

    4. Better Pickleball Courts.  This project will take time and lots of conversations with the owners of RCW.  We all know there is a real benefit to the owners if they make the courts better.  Scott and the board will be working hard to prepare case studies, show comparable facilities and create a solid financial case for why better/more courts will benefit the owners. 

    5. Court Ambassador Program.  We want to make sure everyone has fun on the courts.  It will be the job of the Court Ambassadors to be on the courts to welcome players, assist with questions about open play, interpret court schedules and generally assist members as the club continues to expand.

Other News

RCW Teams in Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL):

It is fun to watch good pickleball matches. This year, we had a few RCW teams in the APPL.  The league matches brought a handful of good teams to our courts and it put RCW on the Arizona pickleball map. In ‘24/’25, the board will make a few of our courts available, during non-busy afternoons, to a few RCW teams (max 4 teams for 2024/’25) to play their home matches.  If you are interested in organizing an RCW team, contact ASAP (first-come-first-served) and we will forward you the information and process you need to qualify as a team using RCW as your home court.     



We ended the season with $2,871.86 in the club treasury.  It is nice to have a little buffer to start off next season.  


Board Member Committee Assignments:

  • Court Maintenance- Chuck Fourniea 

  • Membership - Cindy Schreiner

  • Communication and Secretary - Lynne Hamre

  • Court Activities and Logoed RCWPC Gear – Cindy Chrisman

  • Finance/Treasurer – Rick Chase

  • President and Court Ambassadors – Scott Burbank


Portable Net for Sale (Used):  If you want a movable pickleball net, we have one for sale for $50 (as is).  Contact


Your RCWPC Board of Directors

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