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See the "Calendar" Tab for Dates & Times


Beginning lessons for all those interested in learning the basics of pickleball will be held will be held every week starting in December.  Click here for our calendar. 

Skills and Drills for members and guests will be held weekly starting in December.  Skills and Drills will be taught by club members who participate in tournaments with advanced pickleball skills and knowledge of the game.  Click here for our calendar. 

All lessons and skills and drills are free to club members.  Refer to the "Court Schedule"  for days and times.



Round-Robin and Shootout play are described under their respective menu entries.  Both of these activities are open to members and guests of the Club.  All scheduled events will start in December and usually run through March.

Round-Robins are scheduled weekly.  The procedure for signing up for Round-Robins is described under the "Round-Robin" menu.

Shootouts are scheduled for weekly.  The procedure for signing up for weekly Shootouts is described under the "Shootout" menu.

Refer to the "Court Schedule" menu for dates and times.




An important element of pickleball is socializing with other members of the Club.  Members will be notified by court announcements and emails on social events.

The first social event to kick off the season will be a social and meeting in January.   

The Club will hold a Potluck*, Court Yard BBQ, and other meetings during the January through March season.   

The final event of the season will be the annual membership meeting.  Officers will be elected at this meeting.  Click here for our calendar. 

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