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The Rincon Country West (RCW) RV Resort is an award-winning 55+ vacation destination located in Tucson, Arizona.  Among the numerous activities at RCW is pickleball, played on 8 permanent pickleball courts.


The Rincon Country West (RCW) Pickleball Club was established in 2014 to promote the sport of Pickleball at RCW and to manage the use of the Pickleball facilities provided by the resort. Our Club schedules the 8 pickleball courts and 4 temporary courts (tennis courts) for Open Play, Round Robins, Shootouts, Couples’ Play, other Events, and Socials. Volunteer members organize the Club activities. An elected Board of Directors manages the Club.  The Club welcomes residents of RCW, temporary RCW visitors,  and the guests of residents.  RCW's pickleball courts are private courts and not open to the public.


The RCW  Pickleball Club's mission is to promote the game of Pickleball through organized recreational and competitive play, instruction, well maintained courts, and social events.

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